Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011! A new year... a new blog!

Well, I am officially entering the world of blogging. Let me introduce myself.

Birthday: June 13, 1992
Age: 18
Hometown: Cowichan Bay, British Columbia

How I came to be a triathlete:
I raced my first triathlon, the Victoria Youth Triathlon, when I was nine at the recommendation of my swim coach. Immediately loving the sport, I continued to race in the Kids of Steel Program until the age of 15. I am now preparing to race my last year as a Junior Elite.
Training History:
I swam with the Duncan Stingrays Swim Team from the age of 7 to 18. I began triathlon specific training when I was 13 with Kelly’s Kids Triathlon Team, coached by Kelly Guest. I currently train with the National Triathlon Center coached by Patrick Kelly.

What I love about triathlon:
This sport is great because it is not just one sport. Boredom is not a factor with the continual variation of swim, bike, and run training. Racing triathlon provides a feeling of accomplishment far above what I felt in other sports. I also love the fact that every race is different, and every race is unpredictable.

Why I do triathlon:
Sport has always been a huge part of my life. Although triathlon requires a great amount of commitment, there is honestly nothing else I would rather be doing. My triathlon career has provided many great memories, and has allowed me to travel around the world. As well, the friends I’ve made along the way make it all the more worthwhile.

My Inspiration:
I’ve never really had a role model in triathlon, but there have definitely been people that have inspired me along the way. My coaches, team mates, as well as up and coming athletes, are all people that have helped motivate me on a slow day, and continually push me to be a better athlete and person.


Kids of Steel Successes:
Two-time winner of US Youth Elite Nationals (2006, 2007)
Two-time Western Canadian Champion (2006, 2007)
Winner of three gold medals (aquathon, duathlon, triathlon) at BC Summer Games (2006)

Junior Elite Accomplishments:
Junior Elite National Series: 1st 2008, 3rd 2009
Canadian Eastern Championships: 3rd 2009, 1st 2010
Canadian Western Championships: 3rd 2009, 1st 2010
Junior Elite Nationals: 3rd 2008, 6th 2009
2009 Canada Summer Games: 4th individual triathlon, 1st team relay
Pan-American Triathlon Championships: 5th 2008, 7th 2009, 3rd 2010
2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival: 5th
2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games: 14th
2010 Junior Elite World Championships: 12th

Since graduating high school last June, I now live in Victoria and train with the National Triathlon Center. I am very excited for the upcoming 2011 season.

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