Sunday, October 9, 2011

Season summary

My last race of the season, the Junior Elite World Championships, were held in Beijing China, a place I have never been before and am not exactly sure would want to go back for a holiday!! Everyone in China was very nice and helpful, however, after breathing in hazy polluted air for a week, I appreciated coming home to fresh air and blue skies!
The race itself was a strong showing for me, but was a bit of a different race experience than I have ever had before. After not a fantastic start to the swim, I found myself behind the first girls coming out of the water and in the seconds pack. There were about 7 of us in the chase pack, and over the first 2 of 3 bike laps, we caught the girls in front of us. The bike course was very challenging, with a few descent uphills and downhills, as well as lots of corners and a 180 degree turn. It was cool racing on the Olympic course, and it is not to be underestimated. After the third lap of the bike, we were a pack of about 12, and I left T2 in 3rd position. The first lap of the run was tough, and the steep downhill and uphill on the out and back run really takes the energy out of your legs. Heading onto the second lap, I was in around 9th spot, and was really starting to the feel the effects of racing hard for 50 minutes. I held my position on this lap, running into 9th place for the finish. I improved my placing from last year (12th) and also had a  much better race, but was a little disappointed that I didn't break the top 8, which was my goal. But I know I can't exactly complain about being in the top 10!

So the season is over, and now I am back into full on school. I had my first two mid terms this past week and can hardly believe that first semester is almost half over already. I am keeping busy with everything and just got back into training about a week ago after a week off. For Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I are up in Tofino for a late summer vacation. We're staying in a little wood cottage right close to the beach The change of scenery has been really nice, and so has being able to walk along the beach and hear the waves crashing in every morning.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me this year and all other years. Thanks to Triathlon Code sponsors: Nineteen wetsuits whose suits I loved racing in this year, Specialized bikes whose equipment never let me down (no crashes this year!), and Champion Systems whose trisuits and gear I practically lived in all summer. Thanks to Frontrunners, Oak Bay Bikes, and Procity Bikes for helping me with last minute race preparations and bike tune-ups. Thanks to all my coaches and supprt staff who help out not only at races but throughout our entire training season. Thanks to LifeMark at PISE for the great support in massage (you kept me in one piece!).Thanks to all my family and friends cheering me on and offering words of encouragement. And thanks to anyone else who follows triathlon and reads this blog....I couldn't do anything without all of you.

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