Monday, April 16, 2012

First day of "summer"

It is officially my first day of summer today! I had a crazy week of exams, having all 4 in a row from Wednesday to Saturday. It is always such a relief when final exams are over... no matter what, you walk out of the last one with a big stupid smile on your face that you just can't get rid of! So today is the start of summer for me, although, it is a little dreary out.
I'm looking forward to being able to focus more on training now. I am running the TC 10 k in two weeks and am excited to have a good run and start gearing up for olympic distance. My first triathlon is in Dallas at the beginning of June, and this will also be my first completed olympic distance race. Last year, I raced an olympic distance in Sooke, but got a flat tire half way through the bike and wasn't able to finish. So I still have that first one to get under my belt. I'll admit, the idea of racing hard for 2 hours seems a little daunting... but lots of other people have done it and survived, right??

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