Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time for a much needed rest

At the end of three quality weeks of training, a few days of recovery are much needed. In my experience, recovering is just as important as key workouts, and can also sometimes be just as difficult to push yourself through. As an athlete, it is second nature to push yourself hard during back to back workouts, and to rush around crazily to get everything done in a day. We desire to keep the pace up and not slow down...however, every few weeks, it is necessary to take a breather.
Unaccustomed to laying on the couch for hours on end, avoiding unnecessary movement, or staying out of the sun, doing nothing can be easier said than done (even though there is actually nothing to do!). For me, the worst part about not training is boredom. Sitting inside all day, away from sunlight, fresh air, and my training buddies really affects my mental state, but makes me all the more grateful to get back out training the next day!
So, being completely exhausted at the moment and looking forward to a few slower days, I also have to reassure myself that it is OK to have nothing to do! I have learned that in order to be able to do everything I want to do, I have to do nothing (as backwards as that sounds, hopefully you get my point!).

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