Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting excited...

Well, things are winding down at school as I approach my last few final exams, and winding up in triathlon as race season is almost upon us! Watching Paula Findlay, Kyla Coates, and Jeff Phillips race in Australia really got me excited for racing, even though I still have two months before my first big competition! This year is quite different in that the Pan-American Triathlon Championships, a race that is usually in April or May, is in July, so a bit of pressure is relieved as this won't be the first race of the season. Feeling some speed coming, I'm getting motivated for the next 2 months of training. As well, I will finally be getting a new bike and making the jump from steel frame to carbon frame! I upgraded from my first road bike, a broken down and fixed up pink steel frame, about 5 years ago to a handcrafted Berg bike, also steel and pink (had to keep the tradition!). Now, as a member of Triathlon Code, a group of developing triathletes with our eyes on olympic dreams and sport greatness, Specialized has sponsored us with new bikes! I was fitted on my Amira Comp on Wednesday and even on the wind trainer it feels fast!! I can't wait to take it out on the road. Read more about Triathlon Code by visiting our website  and blog

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