Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank you sponsors!

Today was a pretty exciting day... a whole bunch of stuff arrived from our great sponsors!! It was like Christmas...or an early birthday...or winning the lottery (I imagine at least!). This morning I tried out my new Nineteen wetsuit in the pool and really liked it. It felt really good in the water and fit me just right! I can't wait to wear it in Thetis Lake this weekend! Next, I picked up my helmet, cycling shoes, and race wheels from Specialized...the final touches to complete our package. We will hopefully be on the new bikes next week as the components came in the other day and are being assembled as you read! I am so excited to use all this new gear and finally say goodbye to my beat up cycling shoes and chipped paint job on my old bike. Thanks everyone for supporting Triathlon Code... I'll be wearing your name proudly this summer!


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