Thursday, May 26, 2011

North Shore Triathlon

Well, now I'm eating my words... there was not a drop of rain at the North Shore Triathlon on Monday! But I think everyone was relieved to have some nice weather for a day! I had a really good first race of the season, the race played out pretty well exactly how I wanted it too. I felt really strong in the swim, and I came out of the water just behind Hilary so we were able to work together on the bike. Drafting helped the 4 loops go by fast, soon we were running into T2. I ran out of T2 first and held my position on the run. I felt good on the run as well, which was a good confidence booster. Despite the run course being very hilly, I felt quick and light and was happy with my run split. I try to take something away from each race that I can improve on, so over the rest of the summer I will continue to work on my 180 degree turns on the bike, my running stride and range of motion, as well as smoothing out my T1.

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