Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane... but I'll be back for christmas

I am about to start a fresh page in my life in Guelph, Ontario. I have transferred from UVic to the University of Guelph and am very excited about entering the Environmental Sciences program. I will be training with Craig Taylor and the RTC Guelph team, which I am also really looking forward to.
These last 2 weeks after Kelowna, I had some down time and a bit of a summer break, something that I've had the skip the last 2 years racing Junior Worlds. I really enjoyed the time off, and feel rejuvenated (I didn't need to go to the spa, I had to laze around for a few weeks!). Between moving out of my place in Victoria, cleaning everything, and packing, I managed to do a few fun things.
- went out in my Dad's boat with my little sister Desirae for the afternoon, one of my dad's prawn traps was stolen which sucked, but I enjoyed myself!
- went camping in Lake Cowichan for the weekend, went hiking and swimming, and saw a girl that I graduated with that has a baby (a little weird)
- went whale watching with Desirae with a gift certificate that my Mom won in some draw. This was pretty cool, we saw lots of killer whales, sorry Orcas, but it is just about impossible to get good photos. We have a million of the dorsal fin dissappearing into the water.

Tonight, there is a family farewell dinner as both me and my cousin Keiran are leaving tomorrow, and oddly enough, purely by coincidence, on the same flight! He gets off in Calgary, and I have a 3 hour layover there until I fly to Ontario. So for those of you in Victoria, now you know why you don't see me running around Elk lake anymore or swimming at the Commonwealth pool. I will be at my new home in Guelph with my 3 international roommates, two from China and one from Bangladesh. I sense some good cooking in the future!

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