Thursday, November 1, 2012

Burnt Marshmellow

Hi everyone. I am procrastinating a bit on my school work so will do a blog post. Yesterday was Hallowe'en, and I'm sure it will not surprise you that I did not go to any crazy Hallowe'en party like most people my age. But I did participate in the University of Guelph's Trick or Eat, which was really fun. It is essentially like trick or treating, except instead of collecting candy, you collect food donations for the local food bank. What a great idea!! For me it was a win-win, I got to dress up and go trick or treating with my training buddies, reliving the glory days of childhood, and felt good about myself for doing some good for others in town. I was scrambling at the last minute for a costume, and needed something to keep me warm and dry (with the storm and all), so eventually just put on my huge puffy black winter coat and hung a sign around my neck that said "Burnt Marshmellow". It was the perfect costume.

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