Friday, April 15, 2011

Pay off

Through all the gruelling hours of training, through the mornings you wake up when you don't want to, and through the nights you spend collapsed on the couch because you actually can't move after the days work, sometimes we can lose sight of why we put ourselves through this. My simple answer is that it pays off and then it is all worth it, which is what this week of training proved to me.
It started on Tuesday when I had an awesome swim. Surprising myself at the speed that came out of me, at first I was shocked...where did 8 seconds in a 200 free come from?! But I wasn't complaining. The next rep proved to me that it wasn't just a fluke as I equalled my first time. The new sense of confidence I felt was instantaneous, and that motivation powered me through the rest of the workout. Reflecting on my swim that night, I realized that I did know where those 8 seconds came from. I had built fitness through the hours and hours of swim training in winter months, and I was just now seeing it all fall into place as the hard work payed off. This theme continued through my other workouts, where I saw improvements in my cycling and running.
Getting faster is the best feeling for an athlete. With it comes confidence in your abilities, motivation to push yourself farther, and excitement for race season when you can prove to everyone what your made of. So keep working hard...the results will follow.


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