Thursday, May 19, 2011

Race season here I come!

Have my first race of the season coming up in  a few days...the North Shore Triathlon. Alison provides a very accurate description, but she forgot to mention that it ALWAYS rains! I haven't done this race in the last 2 years, but it was one of my usual competitions when I raced Kids of Steel. I can't remember a year that it wasn't overcast with at least a drizzle if not full on rain pouring down. I always love the first race of the season. I get really excited and nervous at the same takes me a while to remember that I do this probably eight times every year! But it always feels like I am starting something new each season, it is the first taste of the summer ahead. This year, it is a big relief that the first race is a training race... no pressure to qualify for anything, no stress of racing athletes from all over the continent, no plane ride or time change to adjust to. The only expectation is that we race our hardest, which is what we all love to do anyway! So I'm looking forward to taking a little family trip over to Vancouver and racing.


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