Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome home... not!

After a two and a half week training camp, I'm now back home in Victoria. I was feeling ready to come home from my "holiday" in the sun... but now I kind of just want to go back to Arizona!! Flying in at midnight Tuesday evening, of course the first thing to greet us was Victoria rain... a little depressing after two weeks of sunshine! Luckily, we cleared customs fairly quickly and all our luggage came through. My mom met me at the airport and drove me home, and I curled into my bed at around 1 am. With the next morning off I had the opportunity to sleep in as late as I wanted. I turned off my alarm and just slept...until 6:45 (I wish I could sleep in!!). Wide awake, I figured I might as well go to the morning swim at 7:30 and jump in for 3 km easy. All ready to go (and on time too!) I walk down to my car to find that the driver side door is slightly ajar, my glove compartment is open, the little bit of change I leave in the car is spilled out on the seat, and my car battery is dead... wonderful. I was really frustrated because a similar thing happened when I was away for two weeks in Budapest for Worlds last year...honestly, if your going to break into my car and not steal anything at least close the door!! So, seeing as there was nothing I could do to fix my car immediately, I thought I would just take the bus to swimming. As a UVic student, I was planning on just using my student card as bus fees are included in tuition...but I soon discovered that my student card expired April 30th, so I would have to pay. Just coming back from the states, all I had was American change, and not very much. Figuring the fee wouldn't be any more than $1.50, I was shocked to find out that my 3 minute bus ride cost me $2.50! By the time I was finished putting in all my nickels and dimes in the slot I was at the pool! After my ordeal getting to the pool, I had a good swim, and it was nice seeing all my team mates and coach again. It wasn't exactly the welcome home I was hoping for... but hey, at least I'm home.


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